Smallditch Haversham blue bag shorts Nike 2020 bts hand.jpg

I'm interested in the aesthetic value of trash, visual communication and speed of delivery. Collaborations with global brands gives me the opportunity to explore all the above and digital technology the means.  


2020 - a tricky year. In collaboration with the Pink Lemonade + Nike + Smallditch to launch Nike Air Vapor Max made out of recycled plastic. So I used some I found on the street.

Smallditch Haversham water bottle top mini skirt Nike 2020 IG square.jpg

DuPont - Sorona

I took this as I'm interested in innovative technology applied to industries that need to clean up.  And I also got to shoot one of my favourite flower fabrics - the lily.

Alexa and Heather's prints_edited.jpg

Gigi X V Magazine X Smallditch

Charity publication in the first months of a global pandemic - we are all finding our feet and Gigi follows me on Instagram, we DM and we make this:


Stella McCartney

AW2020  not going to lie, another tricky season. I loved this job - total laugh. Just played and made things more trashiony all round for the content of Stella's feed and website.

Fungus trousers MH_edited.jpg

Harper's Bazaar Japan

Harper's - ahhhh! My dad, my favourite photographers of ALL was an immediate yes. To hell with the brief, it happened to be Chanel handbags :) .. ps: they never send the bags btw - ahhhh! 

Camellia white bag dove grey Martha Haversham Chanel HB21_edited.jpg

Lulu Guinness 

Total pleasure this one, some of my best work to date and I was given all the freedom just to play with the bags.  Hard to choose one image but we liked the pins but I adored my great Aunt Joyce's gloves.