@smallditch - found trashion project 2018 - present


I am currently showing daily, seasonal collections of recycled millinery, separates and accessories found on the streets, salt marsh and beaches - with paper cuttings from self-portraits, recycle bins and charity shops - all local to where I live in Essex, UK. 

My current practice now wholly centres around Smallditch.  The images, updated daily, are exhibited to a global audience on Instagram. I have chosen to do this as I believe aesthetic appreciation has the power to alter perception for the benefit of the individual and society. 

Nobody with an aesthetic bone in their body would drop litter on a beach. 

I am valuing detritus, objects of low status and exploring their worth; their cost to the planet. Individually, life is extremely challenging, but through this lens it is possible to carry an abundance of self-sufficiency.  Along with a sense of humour that makes for a very rich life. Accordingly, I believe ‘trashion’ - be it vegetable waste couture from a compost collection, an exquisite found feather frock or the latest plastic beachwear -  is an art form of today. It literally stops you in the street and puts a smile on your face. My collages are merely samples. The actual creativity is illuminating the path back to our imaginative childhood brains, to a playful place I call Smallditch. My job as an artist is to hand you the keys to a stockroom brimming with far superior garments in your head, to see them as objects of desire and to value them accordingly.

The project is evolving - keep following Instagram for news on prints, collaborations and more...
The best things in life are free, everything else is very expensive  - Coco Chanel